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I am writing some unit tests for some services I have on my Symfony2 project. I need to access the services via the service container and I am using this approach:

class DummyTest extends \PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
   protected static $kernel;
   protected static $container;

   public static function setUpBeforeClass()
      self::$kernel = new \AppKernel('test', true);
      self::$container = self::$kernel->getContainer();

  //test cases

When $kernel->boot() is called I get the following error: 'MongoCursor' not found in Doctrine/Bundle/MongoDBBundle/DependencyInjection/Configuration.php. I looked into the Configuration.php and there was no reference to MongoCursor. Is this a Bundle's version problem?

Environment: Symfony2.1.6 and DoctrineMongoDBundle's version 2.0.1.

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I was using a php version that did not have the necessary modules. php54 phpunit -c <folder> –  JVasques Mar 8 '13 at 16:54

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I came across the same problem because of a silly mistake - I haven't enabled mongodb extension.

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