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Given the following regular expression and subject text, why is the negative lookahead only applying to the last character of the named capture group URL?

// Regex

// Subject text
<p><a href=""></a> and</p>

This regex has a negative lookahead (?!"|(</a)) which is an attempt to not match URLs that are within a <a> tag. This is done by checking if the URL is followed by a quote (' or ") or a closing </a tag.

I'm getting the following results

I expected the negative lookahead to apply to the whole capture group, not just it's last char. Is this possible? What am I doing wrong? I expected to match only the last instance of to be captured.

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Because when the negative lookahead fails the quantifiers (and anything else that can) will backtrack, till it finds a match.

You can force an expression not to backtrack by using atomic groups (?>expression):

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