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I use Selenium and JUnit4, and I have a form which I want to test for correct alignment.

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You can try to use methods getLocation().x and getLocation().y of a WebElement.

For example

int id1X = driver.findElement("id1")).getLocation().x; 
int id2X = driver.findElement("id2")).getLocation().x;
assertEquals(id1X, id2X);

to verify vertical alignment. You can also play with getSize().height and getSize().width to have more complex conditions.

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I used this example but I do not know is this-that it works or not –  aminos Mar 10 '13 at 10:47
What are id1x and id2x ? –  nginx Aug 14 at 4:50

Some things are still hard to test automatically, like visual layout, look and feel etc. Although it is possible to get locations and sizes of elements in Selenium, this approach is not robust or scalable – you test it only in one browser, you cannot add more elements, because everything breaks your tests. You still need a person to look at it, person spots these layout problems (and many other visual problems) instantly. So I wouldn't invest into automating these kinds of tests.

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