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I'd like to create an image based on raster output I'm building from a PostgreSQL spatial database.

I have a query:

           geom, 1.5::double precision, 2::double precision, 11, 11, '8BUI', 100, 0, 0, 0, false
) AS "png" FROM "geom" AS "g" LIMIT 1

When I dump the returned result, I get:

resource(83) of type (stream)

I've tried many combinations of using PHP's built-in functions of working with images, but can't seem to get anywhere in actually drawing the polygon. I always get an issue with 'invalid resource type supplied' or similar.

There seems to be no helpful documentation available - could anyone guide me in the right direction?

Technologies in use:

  1. Postgis 2

  2. Postgres 9

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PostGIS documentation have a chapter (5.3.1) with a

"PHP Example Outputting using ST_AsPNG in concert with other raster functions":


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