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I am asking for an advice on how should I declare mouse coordinates that resides inside a namespace and use it frequently by all classes belonging to that namespace. I use to declared its variables as static within a struct and while dealing it with other classes, puts me in some random error linking between them. I like its scope to be globally declared but don't know how it should be done in proper way.

some of my implementations are like these:

struct Mouse {

    static double X,Y,Z;

    static int state,button;


//use it like

class Foo {

    void func() {

        Mouse::X = ?;
        Mouse::Y = ?;



class Mouse {

    double X,Y,Z;

    int state, button;



class Foo {

     static Mouse mouse;
    Mouse* mouse;


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For me the example of class and using dynamic Memory allocation is the best

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