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String vs string in C#

What's the difference between string and String, if any?

They both seem to perform the same function, but the casing is different. So, there are only TWO things that are different (that I know of) and they are:

When spelled with a capital letter, the color of its text is Blue in VStudio. Casing.

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string is a keyword which aliases type System.String. String is just a short name for type System.String, which is brought into your scope when you write using System;. Similarly, object is a keyword alias for System.Object, int is a keyword alias for System.Int32, and so on.

VS highlights keywords with blue, which is why string is blue, while String is not.

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they are the same. string is an alias for String.

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thank you Andrew Keith :) –  jay_t55 Oct 7 '09 at 7:07

"string" is simply an alias for "System.String"

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