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I've been using vim for somewhat longer than a year now and during this time I have never feel really comfortable with the way vim works with yanking and pasting text (or maybe it is just me not using it in the most efficient way)

For example, I have the word "World" yanked onto a register, and I want to paste it after "Hello". (Note that there are no spaces on either of the words). So, what I would do is


Place cursor here, and press "p". Then, what I will end up with is


So, in order to avoid this, I have always to swith into insert mode, insert a espace, and go back into normal mode (or either make sure that the yanked word has a space before it). Be as it may, this is quite annoying behaviour I can't think of a solution for... Am I missing something here?

Suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

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I would be pretty upset if my editor took the liberty of inserting whitespace arbitrarily upon pasting. In insert mode you can do <C-r>" to paste. – romainl Mar 8 '13 at 16:33
Thanks romainl for your answer. I didn't mean for the editor to insert the spaces automatically, but I guess to have an option to move to the right of some word (the editor will assume there is an space there) and then paste the word there. Regarding the CTRL + R, yes, it is an option, although I do not think it is the way to go, given that I intend to paste in normal mode and not in insert mode (plus I do not see it very convenient the CTRL + R + <register> combo ...) – Almendrico Mar 8 '13 at 17:42
@romainl Wow, after all this time I didn't realise, and it makes so much sense! Thanks – eugenevd Aug 1 '13 at 17:39
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option zero

just live with what you have now.

option one

create a mapping for your workflow. for example

nnoremap <leader>p i<space><esc>p

option two

:set ve=all

then you could move your cursor to anywhere and paste

option three

you could in insert mode use <c-o> do normal mode stuff or <c-r> to get register values

I recommend option zero

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You can use the Smartput : Adjust spaces and commas when putting text plugin for that. It modifies the p / P commands (this can be toggled on / off).

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