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I'm wondering if there's a way to add padding between my line items. It's a form intended to be used on a tablet, and space between each one would make it easier to select different items.

Anyone know how I can do this?

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There is an ItemHeight property.

You have to change DrawMode property to OwnerDrawFixed to use custom ItemHeight.

When you use DrawMode.OwnerDrawFixed you have to paint/draw items "manually".

Here is an example: Combobox appearance

Code from link above (written/provided by max):

public class ComboBoxEx : ComboBox
    public ComboBoxEx()
        base.DropDownStyle = ComboBoxStyle.DropDownList;
        base.DrawMode = DrawMode.OwnerDrawFixed;

    protected override void OnDrawItem(DrawItemEventArgs e)
        if(e.State == DrawItemState.Focus)
        var index = e.Index;
        if(index < 0 || index >= Items.Count) return;
        var item = Items[index];
        string text = (item == null)?"(null)":item.ToString();
        using(var brush = new SolidBrush(e.ForeColor))
            e.Graphics.TextRenderingHint = System.Drawing.Text.TextRenderingHint.ClearTypeGridFit;
            e.Graphics.DrawString(text, e.Font, brush, e.Bounds);
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In Properties window there is an ItemHeight property, and it has description like this: The height, in pixels, of items in a fixed-height owner-draw list box. I hope this will work, I didn't tested that code, so please accept answer only after you try it. –  Kamil Mar 8 '13 at 16:41

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