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I am trying to install satchmo using the instructions given in the site. Everything works fine except the admin part. The moment I hit http://<SERVER_NAME>/admin, I get the following error:

'admin_static' is not a valid tag library: Template library admin_static not found, tried django.templatetags.admin_static,satchmo_store.shop.templatetags.admin_static,django.contrib.admin.templatetags.admin_static,django.contrib.comments.templatetags.admin_static,sorl.thumbnail.templatetags.admin_static,livesettings.templatetags.admin_static,satchmo_utils.thumbnail.templatetags.admin_static,satchmo_store.contact.templatetags.admin_static,tax.templatetags.admin_static,product.templatetags.admin_static,payment.templatetags.admin_static,satchmo_utils.templatetags.admin_static,app_plugins.templatetags.admin_static

I have no clue why is it saying that as it should be present by default.


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2 Answers

You are probably using Django 1.5 which has dropped support for the admin_static tag that satchmo tries to find. Downgrade to 1.4.5. and you should be ok.

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I am using django 1.3.1 –  user996048 Mar 8 '13 at 16:46
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Satchmo currently requires Django 1.4+, since July 2012, according the source documentation. (Fixed outdated requirements on the home page now.)

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