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I'm absolutely in love with the way GWT does RPC. Is there anything similar for Java SE you have experience with that:

  1. Is not spring
  2. Doesn't require a Java EE/Servlet container to run the server side
  3. Is not RMI that comes with Java SE
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Maybe Jini. Not Spring- or EJB-related, doesn't run in a container, and you can pick the transport.

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Apache Mina. Not true rpc but easy to use and surely a option to consider.

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If you want something like distributed computing you could have a look at the cajo project.

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POJ (Plain Old JSON).

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Did you try sfnrpc ( No spring required. You can run multiple servers within same JVM You can have a client connect to multiple servers also. No event style programming, but supports asynch and synch calls over nio.

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