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I'm using a WebPart to add more than one list item at a time.

And I also have an EventReceiver to handle ItemAdded event on this list. The problem is when the WebPart adding items, only first item's added item was caught by the EventReceiver.

Don't know the reason why. Can someone help me to explain this? Thanks.

I'm using SharePoint Online.

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Can You post some code of your event receiver? Maybe the reason is that there is some kind of error thrown. Since ItemAdded is run asynchronously, you won't get any visual notification of error (Except maybe some sandbox quota rising faster, since it's SharePoint Online.).

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I have put a logging function at start of event (this log function won't throw any error), but nothing logged. I also run debugging on localhost and see that sometimes it doesn't run in event receiver. –  Thanhma San Mar 14 '13 at 7:36

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