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I have placed the parse method inside onCreate method. But my problem is how to show the Android Loading... Dialog??

Parse.initialize(this, "a", "b");
ParseQuery query = new ParseQuery("Category");
query.findInBackground(new FindCallback() {
    public void done(List<ParseObject> catObjects, ParseException arg1) {
        Log.d("Catlength", String.valueOf(catObjects.size()));
        for(int i =0; i<catObjects.size(); i++){
            Log.d("lengthName"+String.valueOf(i), String.valueOf(catObjects.get(i).getInt("Id")));
            Category category = new Category();
            category.Name= catObjects.get(i).getString("CatName");
            category.id= catObjects.get(i).getInt("Id");

            setListAdapter(new CategoryArrayAdapter(CategoryListActivity.this, R.layout.row_category, categories));
            Toast.makeText(CategoryListActivity.this, "Our servers are busy. Hit refresh..", 3000).show();


Everything works fine in the above code but I couldn't figure out how to show the Dialog.

I'm unable to use AsycTask also as parse sdk invokes its own thread in the background and before the findInBackground execution finishes, the doInBackground completes the Asyc thread. That's why I invoked it in the main thread.

As the result I always get no results in my ArrayList.

Can someone please enlighten me.

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I was in the same situation regarding the progress dialog, tried a few tricks and finally just declared a ProgressDialog class member:

protected ProgressDialog proDialog;

then created two methods:

protected void startLoading() {
    proDialog = new ProgressDialog(this);

protected void stopLoading() {
    proDialog = null;

and called startLoading() before the background operation and stopLoading() inside the background operation after I got the the results.

    ParseUser.logInInBackground(userName.getText().toString(), hashedPass, new LogInCallback() {
        public void done(ParseUser user, ParseException e) {
            if (user != null) {
                Log.d(Constants.TAG, "User Loged in.");
                ParseManager.sCurrentUser = user;
            } else {

if you want to use AsyncTask don't call findInBackground() you can use find(). you can check it out in the api https://parse.com/docs/android/api/com/parse/ParseQuery.html#find()

hope this helps.

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I have used something similar but using AsycTask. Thanks for the answer anyway :) –  Jay Mayu Mar 15 '13 at 5:10
I tried this way but I believe the progress dialog is using up the UI thread, no? I tried using the AsyncTask, but it's at least 4x slower –  Brandon Ling Feb 24 '14 at 7:07
This makes the download very slow... not really a workable solution since it runs on the UI thread –  Johnny Jan 9 at 22:19

It's easy to get the progress of both uploads and downloads using ParseFile by passing a ProgressCallback to saveInBackground and getDataInBackground. For example:

byte[] data = "Working at Parse is great!".getBytes();
ParseFile file = new ParseFile("resume.txt", data);

file.saveInBackground(new SaveCallback() {
  public void done(ParseException e) {
    // Handle success or failure here ...
}, new ProgressCallback() {
  public void done(Integer percentDone) {
    // Update your progress spinner here. percentDone will be between 0 and 100.
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I'm not reading or saving file. just reading plain data. I'll try progresscallback() anyway –  Jay Mayu Mar 8 '13 at 18:05
seems it'll not workwith findInBackgroun parse.com/docs/android/api/com/parse/class-use/… –  Jay Mayu Mar 8 '13 at 18:21
I won't downvote since this is technically correct but this does not work due to the functionality being broken. –  Johnny Jan 9 at 22:15

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