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I need to search for countries ids and I ran into a problem, for example, let's take the country "Bolivia".

The Country table has a "CountryName" and "Alternative Names"

For the example of "Bolivia".

IdCountry: 29

Name: Bolivia, Plurinational State Of

Code: BO

AlternateNames: Bolivia, Bolivien, Bolivie

This is the query I've created:

 SELECT cou.CountryID 
            FROM Doppler2011.dbo.Country cou 
            WHERE (cou.AlternateNames IS NOT NULL AND 'Bolivia' like '%'+cou.AlternateNames+'%') OR 'Bolivia' like cou.Name

As you see, I need the cou.AlternateNames in the Right side of the like to match the name of the country with some of the alternatives names, for the countries which the name is the same as the cou.Name, the query works, but the problem is with those that have to match with AlternateNames

Can anyone help me?


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Are the AlternateNames stored together as a column value? –  swasheck Mar 8 '13 at 17:49

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You should have the wilcards on the other term like this

SELECT cou.CountryID 
        FROM Doppler2011.dbo.Country cou 
        WHERE cou.AlternateName like '%Bolivia%' OR cou.Name like 'Bolivia' 
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+1 and the IS NOT NULL is redundant. –  Aaron Bertrand Mar 8 '13 at 17:42
You're right, I dont know why this query confuse me so much... thanks! –  Mariano Mar 8 '13 at 17:43
Aaron Bertrand you are right, i'll edit. Mariano you are welcome. –  Ateszki Mar 8 '13 at 17:45
I don't see how this would work. In the example the AlternateName is one of (Bolivia, Bolivien, Bolivie). like '%Bolivia%' will only ever match the first member of the set. It's very likely, though, that I'm misreading the question. –  swasheck Mar 8 '13 at 17:46
If it is a comma-separated list then it should be ',' + cou.AlternateName + ',' LIKE '%,Bolivia,%' - this way you only match the full word. –  Aaron Bertrand Mar 8 '13 at 18:00

your where clause is basically backwards. you normally say:

COLUMN_NAME like '%string_to_match%'
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Depending on your actual structure here are some thoughts.

If AlternateName is stored as a comma-separated list on one column value, and Name is always the first value of the list in AlternateName then you can use Ateski's answer

If it's not the first item in the list, then you'd need to follow @AaronBertrand's advice in his comment:

SELECT cou.CountryID 
    FROM Doppler2011.dbo.Country cou 
    WHERE ',' + cou.AlternateName + ',' LIKE '%,Bolivia,%' 
      OR cou.Name ='Bolivia';

Finally, if you could re-work your structure a bit so that you have a list of possible country names, you could come up with something like this:


Just an alternate perspective. Ateski's solution is perfectly valid and good.

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