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I have changed all my code from the raw ADO.NET SQLCommand to Entity Framework in order to have easier accessibility of changing my code in the future. However, I have realized there are many drawbacks in Entity Framework it is not as simple as injecting raw SQL commands into the database. Moreover, I have used Reverse Engineering to generate the Models & Mapping for MS Sql Server.

Currently, I am trying to do the following but none of the columns are getting updated.

string sql = @"UPDATE [ProductDB] SET CreatedProduct_Time=getdate(), CreatedProduct_Date=getdate()" + " WHERE [Material_No] = @Material_No";

db.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand(sql, new SqlParameter("@Material_No", materialnotxt));

The columns are not getting updated.

I am having a doubt whether Entity Framework will help me maintain my code for future use and is it worth the headache using it instead of the old raw SQL code? So far there are many constraints and it requires a higher learning curve.

Some confusing parts I have find online what is the difference between the context.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand and this MSDN the code looks entirely different then my approach.


I have used a different approach to insert the Date and Time while inserting all the info from the textbox.

using (var db = new ROGContext())

            ProductDB product = new ProductDB
                Material_No = long.Parse(MaterialNo_txtbox.Text),
                Product_Line = ProductLineDropDownList1.SelectedItem.Text,
                Product_Description = Description_txtbox.Text,
                Size = Size_txtbox.Text,
                UOM = UOM_txtbox.Text,
                SupplierID = long.Parse(SupplierCountryListBox.SelectedItem.Value),
                CreatedProduct_Date = DateTime.Parse(System.DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString()), //in the SQL database I have set the datatype as date to get yyyy/mm/dd
                CreatedProduct_Time = DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay  //in the SQL database I have set the datatype as time(0) to get hh:mm:ss

            long queryselect = (from materialno in db.ProductDBs
                               where materialno.Material_No == product.Material_No
                               select materialno.Material_No).SingleOrDefault();

            if (queryselect != long.Parse(materialnotxt))
                Label1.Text = "Product successfully added in database";
                Label1.Visible = true;
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You can use Context.ExecuteStoreCommand for Insert, Update and Delete.

See in Page 64 of Entity Framework 4.0 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

Answer your edited part:

  1. ExecuteStoreQuery for Select
  2. ExecuteStoreCommand for Insert, Update and Delete

Entity Framework v4 – Tips and Tricks

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