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I want to convert hash to array by javascript function in one line

a is hash which have value are

Object { 10="aa", 11="bb"}

and i want to convert it into


Is there any methods which can convert it into array

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var ob={10:"aa", 11:"bb"};

a = [];

one line

for(o in ob) a.push(Number(o), ob[o]);
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What is the reason for adding 2 spaces to an answer? – QuentinUK Mar 8 '13 at 18:56
2 spaces were added so that it formats correctly. – Mark Rajcok Jul 22 '14 at 1:07

Like this?

var obj = { 10: "aa", 11: "bb"};
var array = [];

for( i in obj ) {
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For instance:

var obj = {
    10: 'aa',
    11: 'bb'

to translate that into the Array you want, we can go like

var array = Object.keys( obj ).map(function( name ) {
    return [ +name ? +name : name, obj[ name ] ];
}).reduce(function( a, b ) {
    return a.concat(b);
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