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I have to save the output from a command from a 1980 telephony system (DMS100)in a file. I have an expect script to do this but my problem is the following:

  1. This command could output information for as much as 10 hours.
  2. For some reason after submitting my command my session gets closed after exactly 10 minutes.

I need something like this: Send command while expect can get specific text

But the difference is that my expect can come true after 10-12 hours AND my session expires every 10 minutes.

I would like to send an invisible character while I expect for my string in order to keep my session alive. Something like this:

While expect "The End Of My Output"
send \007

How can I do this?


My problem was that the telnet port I was using was configured with a 10 minute timeout. Found another port without a timeout and its working correctly.

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What's the point of sending an invisible char? Any special consideration? Usually to keep a telnet session alive we just press ENTER. :) – whjm Mar 14 '13 at 15:05
Well, the output is being saved into a file. Dont want to interrupt/deformat command output. – Rhyuk Mar 17 '13 at 18:21

Try something like this (not tested):

# timeout after 5 minutes
set timeout 300

expect {
  "The End Of My Output" {
    # got all the output
  timeout {
    send "\007"
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Thanks for your suggestion. Problem was that the telnet port I was using had a 10 minutes timeout. They gave me a new port and the problem was solved. – Rhyuk Mar 17 '13 at 18:21

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