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I have a helper file that basically looks like this:

  function renderPartial($name) {
    return file_get_contents(__DIR__.'/'.$name.'.php');

And I'm trying to call that function from within a view:

<?= renderPartial('_form') ?>

_form.php is in the same directory as view.php, so I want to search in that directory. The __DIR__ magical constant returns the directory of helper.php instead of view.php. Any way to include a helper file like that and return the directory of the file making the call instead of the file where the function is defined? I've searched through the PHP documentation, and I can't find any constants or helper functions.

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what directory is helper.php in? –  Mike Mackintosh Mar 8 '13 at 18:32
you should do a include, or require', instead of just reading the .php` file... in that way you can send variables through your script(s). –  user1386320 Mar 8 '13 at 18:33

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You could pass the current __DIR__ as an argument

function renderPartial($name, $dir) {
    return file_get_contents($dir.'/'.$name.'.php');


<?= renderPartial('_form', __DIR__) ?>
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