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You'll have to excuse the title and other terminology mistakes in this question.

I would like to have a function somewhere on my server that accepts a url (from a domain I don't own), retrieves the html for that url, parses it (extracting elements by id, classname, etc), and return the extracted data. For simplicity, let's say it will accept a URL and return the title of the webpage. My page will need to both provide the url to the function, and display the returned value.

What technologies should I be looking into to achieve this (and is it possible)? Is this something people would use php for?

Update - I am looking for an overview of the architecture as much as anything else. What kind of file(s) to I put on my server? How do I send in a URL to the php (or other file) and receive back some data?

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Just about any scripting language can do this. Have a look here for a php implementation:… –  swatkins Mar 8 '13 at 18:51

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cURL + DOMDocument will be your friends.

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Thats helpful but I have no idea where to use these and how to structure things - I've updated my question to be a bit more explicit. –  Ben Packard Mar 8 '13 at 20:35

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