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I'm missing something in my code. I have a list of text boxes that are meant for percentage values, and there could be numerous inputs.

// loop through unknown inputs with different values
<input name="DESIREDPERCENT[<?php echo $recid; ?>]" class="percinputbox" />
// end loop

// attach click event to this element
<span id="updatepercs">Update Percentages</span>

I then have a simple span element to send all the inputs with the class percinputbox


   var allinputs = $("input.percinputbox").serialize();
   console.log(allinputs);  //DESIREDPERCENT%5B73%5D=50.00&DESIREDPERCENT%5B104%5D=50.00    

     data:"formId=updatepercentages" + allinputs,
     success:function(response){ alert(response); } 


I have my php listening for the $.ajax:


if($_POST['formId'] == 'updatepercentages'){
  foreach( $_REQUEST['DESIREDPERCENT'] as $key ){
    echo $key;

So far I'm only getting one input value. So I'm definitely doing the sending wrong.

I'm open to a better/optimized way here. I generally use the <form> tag to submit forms, but I want to know how to submit these inputs with jquery.

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You are missing an & between formId=updatepercentages and allinputs

data:"formId=updatepercentages&" + allinputs,

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Mother Of Pearl!! I knew it was something mundane! –  coffeemonitor Mar 8 '13 at 19:37
mother of pearl –  Samuel Cook Mar 8 '13 at 19:37

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