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i've got the Single File PHP Gallery and an OpenID provider. The gallery should only be accesible for registered users, so i tried to add a login to the gallery via LightOpenID. Additonal i have to set a cookie for to stay logged in.

In conclusion

  1. Open index.php - ask for OpenID - FINE
  2. Enter OpenID and set cookie - FINE
  3. Show gallery: NO images!

I can't see the images ... the script loads the CSS, but not the images. Here is the source:


/* Single File PHP Gallery 4.1.1 (SFPG)
... */        
} else {
        $key = '27' .date(W). '28' .date(n). '35';
        if (isset($_COOKIE[$key])) {
            echo 'Session set ';
        else {
            header ("Location: http://example.de/intern/login.php"); 
            # echo 'Session NOT set ';

Single File PHP Gallery 4.1.1 (SFPG)


if ($openid->validate()) {
    $key = '27' .date(W). '28' .date(n). '35';
    setcookie($key, $key, time()+3600); # 1 hour

I think, the server don't allows the SFPG script to access to the images because the script has no cookie, so i tried the strange walkaround you see in the index.php

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

Single File PHP Gallery: http://sye.dk/sfpg/

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The Single File PHP Gallery: http://sye.dk/sfpg/ have been updated, and now includes an option to set a password on the gallery.

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