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I have a Spring-Data MongoDB repository. It's just this:

public interface MyDataRepository extends PagingAndSortingRepository<MyData, String> {}

I am using Camel, and save works fine:

.beanRef("myDataRepository","save")  // saves myData from message body

But delete fails. Message body is a String, which is the id of a 'myData' object. This is what Spring tells me (my formatting):

 Ambiguous method invocations possible: [
    public final void $Proxy42.delete(, 
    public final void $Proxy42.delete(java.lang.Iterable), 
    public final void $Proxy42.delete(java.lang.Object)]. 
 Exchange[Message: 513a3b6c0364f9195eca39ed]

I've tried so many permutations, I don't know which ones to call out. Here are a few easy ones:



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Well, my solution has been to go slightly around the problem.

Switched to use:

.beanRef( "myDataRepository", "findOne" )  // lookup based on id in msg body
.beanRef( "myDataRepository", "delete" )   // delete based on object

So now I delete using the Object itself, removing the ambiguity. Good enough, but open to other answers that address the issue directly.

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