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It's (relatively) common knowledge that the right-click menu for the code editing context, when developing a Visual Studio add-in, is the one called "Code Window":

var CodeRightClickMenu = ((CommandBars)_applicationObject.CommandBars)["Code Window"];

However, adding items to that menu does not show them when right-clicking in an HTML-like (i.e. razor view or webforms .ascx or .aspx). What is the name of the CommandBar for the HTML editor's right-click menu?

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According to digging done by James Wiseman, the name of the HTML editor's right-click menu is "HTML Context". It's only used for true HTML though (like the HTML parts of a Razor view, or .html files). The menus for other, related things all end in "Context" as well:

HTML Context
ASPX Context
ASPX Code Context
ASPX VB Code Context
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