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I would like to generate multiple WAR files, during the build cycle of my project. I already know how to add multiple dest-file, and other configuration with the maven-war-plugin. But I want to know if there is way to generate an indeterminate number of war during the build cycle, without writing configuration for each WAR.

I want to generate a build for each clients, I have the following directory structure in my project:

| pom.xml
+ src
  + main
    + clients
      + client1
      + client2
      + client3
      + ...
      + clientn

I would like to know how to generate a WAR for each client directory. I just want to create a Maven configuration, then just care about adding a new folder then mvn package and get n WAR packages.

Is it possible?

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Seems like Maven cannot do that by itself, so I ended up creating a script that invoke Maven for each folder found in src/main/clients.

In Unix


# Check for Apache Maven home environment variable.
if [ -z "$M2_HOME" ]; then
        echo "Error: M2_HOME variable not set. Please set Apache Maven home."

# Build all client packages.
echo "Build start."
for f in $0/src/main/clients/*
        do echo Building: %f
        $M2_HOME/bin/mvn package -Dclient.id=`basename $f` -Dclient.path=$f -DskipTests
echo "Build end."

In Windows

@ECHO off
CD %~p0
ECHO Build start.
FOR /r /d %%G in (src\main\client\*) DO (
    ECHO Building: %%~nG
    %M2_HOME%\bin\mvn package -Dclient.id=%%~nG -Dclient.path=%%G -DskipTests
ECHO Build end.
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