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echo implode(',',$arr) // returns '1,2'

I need to get a=1,b=2 as result.

I know that I can get it by using foreach but I aware that there is a shorter way with less code.

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Try this:

echo str_replace('&', ',', http_build_query($arr));
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You can try:

echo urldecode(http_build_query($arr, '', ','));

The third argument of http_build_query() is the separator, so it's not needed to use str_replace()

Use urldecode() to decode, because http_build_query() will urlencode the string.

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If you want more control in formatting or processing the array elements, you can try:

        $fruits = array("d" => "lemon", 
                        "a" => "orange", 
                        "b" => "banana", 
                        "c" => "apple");

        function format_list(&$list, $key)
            $list = "{$key}={$list}";

        echo "Starting array:\n";

        echo "\nModified array:\n";
        array_walk($fruits, 'format_list');

        echo "\nFinal string:\n";
        echo implode(',',$fruits);


I use two PHP functions, array_walk and implode, but I also needed to define a call back function, format_list.

Using http_build_query as illustrated by landons is more concise, but as in all things PHP, there are many ways of doing the same thing.

You can try the following PHP fiddle:

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