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Any thoughts how to make JSON-keys available with lowercase, UPPERCASE, camelCase, PerlCase and with hyphens. We've something like this object notation, which is declared with camelCase:

var options = {
    "fooBar": "foo bar"

But what is if the user declares the defaults with hyphens or similar:

var options = {
    "foo-bar": "foo bar"

How to access them then with just one key.

jQuery for example makes the keys in $.fn.css and $.fn.animate accessible with hyphens and camelCase

Are there already approaches for this?

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I made something, not perfect but it works so far:

    var methods =  {
        toLowerCase: function(str){
            return str.toLowerCase();

        toUpperCase: function(str){
            return str.toUpperCase();

        toCamelCase: function(str){
            return str.replace(/(\-[a-z])/g, function($1){
                return $1.toUpperCase().replace("-", "");

        toDashCase: function(str){
            return str.replace(/([A-Z])/g, function($1){
                return "-"+$1.toLowerCase();

    Object.prototype.getItem = function(key) {
        var opt = this[key];
        if(opt) return opt;
        for(var method in methods) {
            if(methods.hasOwnProperty(method)) {
                opt = this[ methods[method](key) ];
                if(opt) return opt;

I've used Object.prototype to get the usage quite simple:

var options = {
    "foo": "foo",
    "BAR": "BAR",
    "fooBar": "fooBar",
    "bar-foo": "bar-foo"

    options.getItem("foo"), // "foo"
    options.getItem("Foo"), // "foo"
    options.getItem("FOO"), // "foo"

    options.getItem("bar"), // "BAR"
    options.getItem("bar"), // "BAR"
    options.getItem("BAR"), // "BAR"

    options.getItem("fooBar"), // "fooBar"
    options.getItem("foo-bar"), // "fooBar"

    options.getItem("barFoo"), // "bar-foo"
    options.getItem("bar-foo") // "bar-foo"

Not perfect, but open for any improvements.

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