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I have a question regarding views. In a nut shell I have to update a field through a view.

A) Create a view which shows all car fields and option data for each car. Be sure all cars will show up.

create view carview as
select c.serial, c.cname, c.make, c.model, c.cyear, c.color, c.trim,
c.enginetype, c.purchinv, c.purchdate, c.purchfrom, c.purchcost, c.freightcost,
c.listprice, o.ocode, o.odesc, o.ocost, o.olist
from car c
join baseoption b
on c.serial = b.serial
join options o
on b.ocode = o.ocode

B) Have user C access the view and then assign permissions for the view to user C and have the user test the view. Query for just some of the fields. Update the year of a car and include the response in your submission.

GRANT ALL ON carview TO C;

The user C can access the view and do a select on it, but I don't know how to update the view with user C. (If that's even possible)

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I would quibble with your definition of "simple view" here. In my book, a simple view is a view over a single table. Once we introduce choice or aggregations things aren't simple. –  APC Mar 8 '13 at 21:07
Your view may be inherently updatable. Try update carview set cyear = 2000;, what happens? Check USER_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS, and also check all the table definitions to see why it is or is not possible. You may want to use a left join to include all cars. And you should accept some of the answers to your previous questions. –  Jon Heller Mar 8 '13 at 21:22

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Personally I dislike updatable views but they are possible. You implement an INSTEAD OF trigger on the view:


And you can tailor it to only allow specific types of updates etc:

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