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The toString method was generated in eclipse as follows :

StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
builder.append("Person [");
if (firstName != null)
    builder.append("firstName=").append(firstName).append(", ");
if (lastName != null)
if (title != null)
    builder.append("title=").append(title).append(", ");
if (car != null)
    builder.append("car=").append(car).append(", ");

Why didn't they use more short form e.g.

builder.append("firstName=" + firstName + ", ");

Is it to save time with String creation?

How do I change template to this format ?

${object.className} [${}=${member.value}, ${otherMembers}]
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Not only is it faster, but it is more 'proper'. Technically it's also more proper to do something like: System.out.print("age=");System.out.println(age); – user1181445 Mar 8 '13 at 20:37
@Legend Why is it more proper? – javaguy Mar 9 '13 at 21:48
It uses the more official methods. There are methods for Objects and all the primitive types, so use them. – user1181445 Mar 9 '13 at 23:00

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The first form is ever so slightly faster - in the other forms additional StringBuilder are created within the byte code. In general this does not matter much unless string creation is performed in a tight loop.

As for the second question, what have you tried?

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builder.append("firstName=" + firstName + ", ");

is strictly less efficient than the form Eclipse is using, since it creates an intermediate String that then gets immediately discarded.

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Unless I'm misunderstanding the question, you can change the template in the Eclipse Preferences: Java -> Code Style -> Code Templates.

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