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I have dynamically created divs..

<div class="container"></div>

Each div has an input element within it..

<div class="container">
   <input type="button" class="container_button" value="toggle" />

My goal is to minimize only the container div of the button clicked..

$('.container_button').onclick(function() {

How can I achieve this when multiple divs of the same class exist?

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jQuery object doesn't have onclick method, you can use on method instead, as you are generating the element dynamically you should also delegate the event.

$(document).on('click', '.container_button', function() {
   //  ^--- clicked element
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You need to find .container relative to the DOM element that was clicked.

$('.container_button').click(function () {
   $(this).closest('.container').css('height', '20px');
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