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It adds logs when plugins say something. It adds logs when it gets anything from the cache manifest. It logs HTTP information sometimes.

My 1 little log gets flooded by 10,000 logs I don't need or want.

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Use only in development:

    var originalConsole = window.console;

    window.console = {};
    window.console.log = window.console.debug = window.console.error = function(){};

    window.myLog = function() {
        originalConsole.log.apply(originalConsole, arguments);

This will save a local copy of the original window.console object.

It will change the original window.console object to use empty functions.

And finally it will define a global myLog function which will use the local copy of the original window.console to actually log stuff.

This way all the other code will use the useless console.log() and your code could use myLog().

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