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How do I take a Visual Studio Solution (.sln) as input and get a list of all the projects it contains?

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What do you want to do with that? Easiest method is: open it and you see all projects. –  StampedeXV Oct 7 '09 at 8:42

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This array will give you full solution details with project created with in solution...

public List<string> getAllProjectNames(string path)
        string[] arr =  System.IO.File.ReadAllLines(path);
        List<string> projects = new List<string>();
        for (int i = 0; i < arr.Length; i++)
            if (arr[i].StartsWith("Project"))
                string [] temp = arr[i].Split(',');
        return projects;

Call this method like...

List<string> Arr = getAllProjectNames(@"D:\Projects\PersonalRD\SearchingList\SearchingList.sln");

after that try to search all project names where the string item starts with project...

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It's just a text file. Open it up in a text editor and see. You're looking for all the Project directives. Writing a simple parser to just extract the *.vcproj names shouldn't be difficult at all.

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