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We are in the process of implementing code to read/create 2D bar codes that are starting to show up on our supplier's parts.

We have a need to create the 2D bar codes in MS Access reports and forms. Has anyone had success with the font (IDAutomation) or Active X (dlSoft) solutions out there.

For C#, the open source library "http://barcoderender.codeplex.com/" was suggested. Any thoughts on how successful this was or if anyone has other open-source and/or pay for options.



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Depending on the volume of codes you need to generate, you could use the Google Charts API to generate QR Codes.

Simply add a "Microsoft Web Browser" ActiveX component and the following code to your Form:

Dim Size As Integer
Dim Text As String
Dim URL As String
Size = 200
Text = "This is my test"
' Better to actually use a URL encoding function like those described here:
' http://stackoverflow.com/questions/218181/how-can-i-url-encode-a-string-in-excel-vba
Text = Replace(Text, " ", "%20")
URL = "http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?chs=" & Size & "x" & Size & "&cht=qr&chld=H|0&chl=" & Text
WebBrowser.Navigate (URL)

You can of course change the Size and the Text depending on your need. The Text can also be a value directly from your Form, therefore your data.

I would advise you to check Googles Terms and Services before using it.

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