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I am using AlarmManager that invokes BroadcastReceiver every 30 minutes. The receiver downloads updates from web and adds new data into the database. When this happens, I would like to notify some other objects, that the data in database changed (to drop cache, refresh GUI etc.).

Usually, I would use observer pattern for this, but since BroadcastReceiver is stateless, I can't keep track of observers between receiver invocations. I can't really find some good solution of this, what would you suggest? Maybe, there is some android specific solution to this that I didn't manage to find...

Thanks for your help!

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A BroadcastReceiver should itself do very little. Use it to fire an Intent at the Service of your choice, where all your state and resources and etc. are available to you.

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I thought I was doing something wrong, this makes sense. Thanks! – Jaa-c Mar 8 '13 at 21:37

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