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I am trying to rename a database using MongoMapper in ruby. Is it possible to do the same? any alternative hack to accomplish the same?

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This should help:… – fmendez Mar 8 '13 at 21:39
but is there a way via the mongo ruby driver ? – jayanth88 Mar 8 '13 at 23:58
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As noted in the other stack overflow question mentioned above, MongoDB doesn't actually have the ability to rename a database. You can however, copy then delete but be aware this will cause indexes to be rebuilt. You wouldn't want to do this for a large data set.

The mongo-ruby-driver (as well as most 10gen drivers) has the ability to execute any MongoDB command through a call to the DB#command method on any DB object instance.

In the Ruby driver you would do the following:

require 'mongo'
client =
db = client.db('admin')

db.command({:copydb => 1, :fromdb => oldname, :todb => newname})

Update: In newer versions of MongoDB there is a JS shell helper for db.rename() which does exactly what the ruby code above does.

function (newName) {
  if(newName == this.getName() || newName.length === 0)

  this.copyDatabase(this.getName(), newName, "localhost");
  db = this.getSiblingDB(newName);

In addition to that, there is the following feature request ticket for making db.rename() a first class command. Please feel free to upvote this feature.

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