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Hello I want to copy all files with and a specific extension. I've tried a few things but it isn't working. During my debug I get an exception "Illegal characters used in path" I'm guessing it doesn't like *.xls any suggestions?

First try

 My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyFile("C:\test\test\mxw\*.xls\", "C:\workorder1-23\workorder1-23\mxw\", True)

second try

For Each f In Directory.GetFiles("C:\test\test\mxw\*.xls\", CStr(SearchOption.AllDirectories))
     If My.Computer.FileSystem.FileExists(f.ToString) Then
          File.Copy("C:\test\test\mxw\*.xls\", "C:\workorder1-23\workorder1-23\mxw\", True)
     End If
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CopyFile copies just one file.
You cannot use it with wildcards to copy a group of files. (The invalid character is probably the wildcard) And you should not append a backslash at the end of the file.

So let me try to replace your code with this

For Each f In Directory.GetFiles("C:\test\test\mxw", "*.xls", SearchOption.AllDirectories))
     If File.Exists(f) Then
          File.Copy(f, Path.Combine("C:\workorder1-23\workorder1-23\mxw", Path.GetFileName(f)), True)
     End If

Also Directory.GetFiles has three parameters, a path, a pattern and a flag to read subfolders

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