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I want a matrix with the first row being the title (magnetic fields for every different way of approximation I used) and the results for every datasheet I used.

I'm trying to get this as a result (example):

FieldB =  
B1   B2   B3  
1.0  2.0  3.0  
1.1  2.7  2.3  
0.7  2.4  5.8

Right now, I'm programming it like this

B1(1,1)= 'Field 1';  
B2(1,1)= 'Field 2';  
B3(1,1)= 'Field 3';  
for i=1:n  
FieldB = [B1 B2 B3] 

And the error given is :

Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

Error in 3field (line 32)
B1(1,1)= 'Field 1';

Any ideas?

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You can't store strings in an array in Matlab. Try using a cell array. You can do that here just by changing [] to {}.

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In matlab the standard matrix cannot have both numbers and strings in it. So, you will need to use another data type to achieve your goal.

In your case, a struct (see here) would be the most natural choice:

B(1).name = 'Field 1';
B(2).name = 'Field 2';
B(3).name = 'Field 3';

for i=1:n  
    B(1).data = polyn(1)*Zsplit1(i)/10^9+polyn(2)*10^-3;
    B(2).data = polyn(1)*Zsplit2(i)/10^9+polyn(2)*10^-3;
    B(3).data = polyn(1)*Zsplit3(i)/10^9+polyn(2)*10^-3;

You could also use a cell array

B{1,1} = 'Field 1';
B{1,2} = 'Field 2';
B{1,3} = 'Field 3';
for i=1:n  
    B{2,1} = polyn(1)*Zsplit1(i)/10^9+polyn(2)*10^-3;
    B{2,2} = polyn(1)*Zsplit2(i)/10^9+polyn(2)*10^-3;
    B{2,3} = polyn(1)*Zsplit3(i)/10^9+polyn(2)*10^-3;
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Thanks!That did it! – Vissenbot Mar 10 '13 at 8:05

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