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Thanks for looking at my question. I have developed a Bluetooth Application using a RN42 or HC05 Bluetooth Module on an Arduino. This is going to be a application i hope to put on the Play Store. The Application seems to work fine on most tablets i have checked it with apart from one (The one we want to use!) an Acer Iconia B1.

The Error i get from logCat is:

03-08 21:35:10.972: I/BluetoothSocket_MTK(2712): [JSR82] Bluetooth Socket Constructor
03-08 21:35:10.972: I/BluetoothSocket_MTK(2712): [JSR82] type=1 fd=-1 auth=false encrypt=false port=1
03-08 21:35:10.973: D/ActivityThread(1708): BDC-Calling finishReceiver: IIntentReceiver=41441d20
03-08 21:35:10.974: D/BTSocketService(402): [JSR82][Service] initSocket
03-08 21:35:10.974: I/BluetoothSocketService.cpp(402): [JSR82][JNI] initSocketNative +++.
03-08 21:35:10.974: I/BluetoothSocketService.cpp(402): [JSR82][JNI] initSocketNative: start to initialize socket.
03-08 21:35:10.975: I/BluetoothSocketService.cpp(402): [JSR82][JNI] type=1, auth=0, encrypt=0, port=1
03-08 21:35:10.975: I/BluetoothSocketService.cpp(402): [JSR82][JNI] initSocketNative: Initialize socket done.
03-08 21:35:10.975: E/BluetoothSocketService.cpp(402): [JSR82][JNI] No free context space; the APP has registered 20 services.
03-08 21:35:10.975: I/BluetoothSocketService.cpp(402): [JSR82][JNI] initSocketNative ---. fdHandle=0
03-08 21:35:10.975: D/Bluetooth(2712): ++++ Connecting to 00:12:05:22:95:84
03-08 21:35:10.975: D/BTSocketService(402): [JSR82][Service] connect
03-08 21:35:10.975: I/BluetoothSocketService.cpp(402): [JSR82][JNI] connectNative +++. fd=0.
03-08 21:35:10.975: E/BluetoothSocketService.cpp(402): [JSR82][JNI] connectNative: The FD (0) doesn't exist.
03-08 21:35:10.976: W/System.err(2712): java.io.IOException: [JSR82] connect: Connection is not created (failed or aborted).
03-08 21:35:10.976: W/System.err(2712):     at android.bluetooth.BluetoothSocket.connect(BluetoothSocket.java:395)
03-08 21:35:10.976: W/System.err(2712):     at com.test.BluetoothConnection.connectBluetooth(BluetoothConnection.java:100)
03-08 21:35:10.977: W/System.err(2712):     at com.test.BluetoothCounter$1.run(BluetoothCounter.java:64)
03-08 21:35:10.977: W/System.err(2712):     at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:856)
03-08 21:35:10.977: D/dalvikvm(2712): threadid=13: exiting
03-08 21:35:10.977: D/dalvikvm(2712): threadid=13: bye!

My Code to initialise the bluetooth:

   public boolean connectBluetooth() throws Exception, Exception{
        BT = BluetoothAdapter.getDefaultAdapter().getRemoteDevice(MacAddress);
        m = BT.getClass().getMethod("createInsecureRfcommSocket", new Class[] { int.class });
        sock = (BluetoothSocket) m.invoke(BT, 1);
        Log.d("Bluetooth", "++++ Connecting to " + MacAddress);
        Log.d("Bluetooth", "++++ Connected");
        connected = true;
        in = sock.getInputStream();
        return true;

I appreciate your help!

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Most probably you're asking for a feature not present in the Acer Iconia B1.

The tablet is either not compatible with bluetooth 2.1 (first answer here) or simply can't connect to devices other than "A2DP stereo headsets" (last post here).

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