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I need the radio button to be checked when i change the value in the text box

radio button value 100.00rs                     input hidden array 10 clients     
radio button value 200.00 - 250.00rs            input hidden array 30 clients    
radio button value 250.00 - 300.00rs            input hidden array 50 clients    
radio button value 300.00 - 350.00rs            input hidden array 75 clients    
radio button value 350.00 - 400.00rs            input hidden array 100 clients    

these values are fetching by mysql-php foreach loop when i change the values of textbox by using javascript onchange function the radio button should be selected based on the value. for example if i input 10 in the text box 1st radio button should be selected else if i input values between 200-250 second radio button should be selected

function onChangeTest() {
var radio = document.getElementsByName("amt[1]") 
var qty2 = document.getElementsByName("max[]") 
var input = document.getElementById('ts').value;
    for(var i=0;i<radio.length;i++){
        if(input < qty2[i].value ){  // if input is < or between radio button value
        //document.getElementByName('amt[2]').checked = true;
        alert(radio[i].value + '\n' + qty2[i].value + '\n' +  input + '\n' + i) ; 

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live-example please –  nimrod Mar 9 '13 at 0:13

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If I understand your question right, you're asking how to check a radio button via a text field.


if text value == "true", then
    set radio button to true

This can be done in the following way

<input type="text" id="txt">
<input type="radio" id="rad">

txt.onkeyup = function(){
    if(txt.value == 'true'){
        rad.checked = true;
        rad.checked = false;

See example

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