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There are lots of interesting JSP tag libraries.

I wanted to know what good Velocity gadgets or libraries or resusable components are out there.

Please one per answer.

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The way Velocity works mean that you more often than not do not need the equivalent of a JSP tag library.

For example jstl c:* tag libraries are covered by the Velocity built-in directives. To do any of the fmt:* tag library functionality you simply add a Formatter object to the Velocity context and call methods on it. e.g. $datefmt.format($date)

This means you can get a lot further without resorting to tag libraries. For those common tasks that are complex enough to require some additional code there is alway the standard Velocity tools:


In particular:


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a little disappointing - but there are no better answers –  flybywire Oct 7 '09 at 17:52
Why disappointing? You have access to zillions of existing java helper libs without any extra work. What are you looking for? –  serg Oct 10 '09 at 5:29

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