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Im having trouble getting the Rails 4 beta installed. I used RVM to install Ruby 2.0.0 and that seems to have succeeded ok. Here is the error I get when attempting to install the Rails gem;

$ gem install rails --version 4.0.0.beta1 --no-ri --no-rdoc
ERROR:  Loading command: install (LoadError)
cannot load such file -- openssl
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (NoMethodError)
undefined method `invoke_with_build_args' for nil:NilClass
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Re-installing your RVM rubies with the latest versions should enable you to load all the dependencies required to install Rails:

rvm get head --autolibs=3
rvm pkg remove
rvm reinstall all --force
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Finally got it to work. It had trouble with openssl for some reason, I followed a few rabbit trails but this is what I think fixed it; rvm pkg install openssl : brew update (im on a Mac) : rvm reinstall 2.0.0 --with-openssl-dir=$rvm_path/usr : Then the gem install rails worked. Thanks for your help, it got me going down the right path. –  SteveO7 Mar 11 '13 at 17:12

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