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I may be going about this the wrong way, but I only learn by asking.

I have a form that gathers name, address, etc.. The form was originally designed with just one field for name called bill_name. I have changed it to two fields bill_fname and bill_lname. The session data is then used for visual verification on the next page and then submitted for processed following that.

How do I combine the variables $_SESSION['donate']['bill_fname'] and $_SESSION['donate']['bill_lname'] and add them to the array as $_SESSION['donate']['bill_name'] on the verification page before sending them to be processed?

The reason for having all 3 variables in the array is a good part of the processing code uses the $_SESSION['donate']['bill_name'] and the new code I'm adding needs the the separate values of $_SESSION['donate']['bill_fname'] and $_SESSION['donate']['bill_lname']

I hope this makes sense.

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It's fairly simply, just concatenate the strings (i'm using a space here also) and assign them to the bill_name key;

  $_SESSION['donate']['bill_name'] = $_SESSION['donate']['bill_fname'] . " " . $_SESSION['donate']['bill_lname']

Also, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with this approach. However, I'm not much a php developer so I'm not knowledgable on best practices.

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So by just defining $_SESSION['donate']['bill_name'] it will add it to the session array without destroying any of the other array variables? – Ed Booth Mar 8 '13 at 23:27
It won't destroy the others, but it will add the new one. – evanmcdonnal Mar 8 '13 at 23:28


$_SESSION['donate']['bill_name'] = $_SESSION['donate']['bill_fname']." ".$_SESSION['donate']['bill_lname'];
echo $_SESSION['donate']['bill_name'];
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Or if you want the separate parts of the name in tact:

$_SESSION['donate']['bill_name'] = array(
    'bill_fname' => $_SESSION['donate']['bill_fname'],
    'bill_lname' => $_SESSION['donate']['bill_lname'],
    'full_name' => $_SESSION['donate']['bill_fname'] . ' ' . $_SESSION['donate']['bill_lname']
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