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I have a Script inside my Home Directory. The Script just provides a single message as an output. I'm trying to have my: .profile execute the Script so I can see this message.

I'm trying to use my profile as a log. So I can find the error.

My question is this, Since the Script invokes a basic echo request do I have to pass my message into a variable so it can be passed to that .profile?

When I implement ISPOD = Home/isProd export ISPROD to source it to my .profile the message does not exists. How can I solve this issue.

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Make sure you have no spaces around =. –  Barmar Mar 9 '13 at 0:15

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There are several things to consider here. When you do


the actual content of your variable is the isProd path, and not its output. If you want to execute the command and catch the output then try $(command) or `command`.




at this point ISPROD will contain the output of the script. But you still need to show the content, hence you need to add

echo "$ISPROD"

But the same behaviour can be achieved just by executing the command without capturing the output and then echoing it. Try with putting directly


in the .profile and source it. Also, make sure that .profile is the actual file that the shell sources at login time (bash for example uses .bash_profile).

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bash uses .profile if .bash_profile doesn't exist. –  Barmar Mar 9 '13 at 0:14

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