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I want to use the FILTER_VALIDADE_EMAIL but it gives me a warning saying that it expects an string. I am new to php, and i am having trouble trying to use OO with it.


Class User {

    private $id;
    private $login_name;
    private $hashed_password;
    private $email;

    public function __construct($login_name, $email){
        $this->login_name = $login_name;
        $this->email = $email;

    public function getLoginName(){
        return $this->login_name;

    public function setLoginName(String $login_name){
        $this->login_name = $login_name;

    public function setEmail(String $email){
        $this->email = $email;

    public function getEmail(String $email){
        return (string) $this->email;



class UserDAO {

    private $user;

    public function __construct(){

    public function getUser(){
        return $this->user;

    public function setUser(User $user){
        $this->user = $user;

    public function insertUser(User $user){
        $email = $user->getEmail();
        $login_name = $user->getLoginName();
        if(filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL) && empty($login_name)){
            echo "valid user";

$user = new User("user","");
$userDAO = new UserDAO();
$userDAO->insertUser($user); ?>

The error returned is

PHP Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to User::getEmail() must be an instance of String, none given

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Look at the line number... public function getEmail(String $email) requires an argument, I'd make it public function getEmail(){ – Wrikken Mar 9 '13 at 0:06
Note the remark in the manual though: "Type hints can not be used with scalar types such as int or string. " So, unless you have a String class, drop those hints. – Wrikken Mar 9 '13 at 0:08

PHP has something quite similar to JavaScripts typeof function, and it's named gettype.

From PHP docs site:

Returns the type of the PHP variable var. For type checking, use is_* functions.

Info about this function can be found here.

Using this function you can check against your function, if it returns the type of "string", or any other data type you wish.

Since (string) is not an object in PHP, you cannot check if it is an instance of a string, unless you create a custom String Class/Object for that purpose, which is quite easy.

Basic example of gettype from PHP docs site:

$data = array(1, 1., NULL, new stdClass, 'foo');

foreach ($data as $value) {
    echo gettype($value), "\n";

Example output of this example would be:

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Remove your type hinting anywhere the type hint is String. String cannot be used in type hinting. Same goes for Int.

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