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I'm trying to deploy my scrapy project, but I'm stuck

I definately do have working project and several spiders:

deploy@susychoosy:~/susy_scraper$ scrapy
Scrapy 0.17.0 - project: clothes_spider

and when I do scrapy list it shows list of all spiders.

I modified my scrapy.cfg file so it looks like that:

default = clothes_spider.settings
url = http://localhost:6800/
project = clothes_spider

Then I do:

deploy@susychoosy:~/susy_scraper$ scrapy deploy -l
scrapyd              http://localhost:6800/

so everything seems to be fine, however in next step i dont see any projects available:

deploy@susychoosy:~/susy_scraper$ scrapy deploy -L scrapyd


I tried typing directly:

deploy@susychoosy:~/susy_scraper$ scrapy deploy -L scrapyd -p clothes_spider


But it didn't help.

Any suggestions what am I doing wrong?

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You have to deploy a project to a target first:

$ scrapy deploy scrapyd -p clothes_spider
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What's the output in the terminal of "scrapy server" when you type "scrapy deploy -L scrapyd"? It should be like this, with the "listprojects.json":

2013-03-13 10:43:33+0800 [HTTPChannel,0,] - - [13/Mar/2013:02:43:33 +0000] "GET /listprojects.json HTTP/1.1" 200 42 "-" "Python-urllib/2.7"
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