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I'm looking to randomly position a whole load of divs (that will eventually contain images) sporadically around the page, contained within a 100%. The thing is I don't want the divs to overlap, and also all the divs will be different sizes dependant on the image.
The method I currently have:
(jsfiddle here too http://jsfiddle.net/2z4rK/ )

        function randomFromTo(from, to){
            return Math.floor(Math.random() * (to - from + 1) + from);

        function moveRandom() {
            var cPos = $('#block-container').offset();
            var cHeight = $('#block-container').height();
            var cWidth = $('#block-container').width();

            var pad = parseInt($('#block-container').css('padding-top').replace('px', ''));

            var bHeight = $('.block').height();
            var bWidth = $('.block').width();

            maxY = cPos.top + cHeight - bHeight - pad;
            maxX = cPos.left + cWidth - bWidth - pad;

            minY = cPos.top + pad;
            minX = cPos.left + pad;

      $('.block').each(function() {

              newY = randomFromTo(minY, maxY);
              newX = randomFromTo(minX, maxX);

                  top: newY,
                  left: newX
                  }, 500, function() {


This is OK, but the divs overlap, and it seems they all have to be the same size. The divs will be added dynamically by the client so I need to make it completely self sufficient which is where I think this current method fails. Is there any way to randomly position divs?
A good example of what I'm trying to achieve: http://www.jormamueller.com

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I'm not going to write the code for you, just give you an outline:

  • Create coordinates for the top left corner and bottom right corner of each rectangle (store them either in an array or object), and add them to an array of coordinates.

  • On each generation of a new rectangle, check if either of its four corner's coordinates is larger than the top left corner of any of the other rectangles and has is smaller than the bottom right corner of the other rectangles (so check if any corners lie within any other rectangles).

  • If not, generate new random coordinates for the rectangle.

You can comment if I'm not being clear.

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The site you have linked is using following technique:

  • There is a grid container div which has the width of browser window and also has relative position.
  • For each image, there's a container div with absolute position. Each div has full width and a random left position. top property of each div is sum of all former div heights.

If I was you, I would create a grid like a table with empty cells by using div tags and then I would put images randomly in those cells.

This can be achieved by putting all image sources and details in an array and putting all cell id's in another array; then you can shuffle both arrays and assign one image to a random cell.

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