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I have a file that's in my filesystem and in my pbxproj, but when I try to show it in the navigator, the file can't be found. Also, files using its methods give the "method not found" error.

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what kind of file is it? a .m or .h file?

If you can't find it in the navigator, try using the search field which is at the bottom of the list of files and folders. It looks like this:

Use The Search Field

If that doesn't work, open up the Target's Build Phases and look at the list of files to be compiled, like below.

Reveal In Project Navigator Holding down the command key while clicking on the file you want will bring up a contextual menu with a "Show In Project Navigator".

If you don't see the file when looking at the list of files to compile, chances are pretty good you simply need to add the file to the project.

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