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I keep having this error on my bot program;

start.py:890 local variable 'cmd_part_1' referenced before assignment

and my code is;

        my_alias = message.body.split(" ", 3)
        if len(my_alias) > 2:
            cmd_part_1 = my_alias[0]
            cmd_part_2 = my_alias[1]
        elif len(my_alias) < 2:
            cmd_part_1 = ""
            cmd_part_2 = ""
    except Exception as e:
        cmd_part_1 = ""
        cmd_part_2 = ""

    if self.getAccess(user.name.lower()) >= lvl_config.rank_req_callme and cmd_part_1 == "call" and cmd_part_2 == "me":
        whole_body = message.body
        whole_body = whole_body.replace("call me ", "");
        whole_body = whole_body.replace(",", "&#44;");
        chat_message("<font color='#%s' face='%s' size='%s'>%s <b>%s</b></font>" % (font_color, font_face, font_size, random.choice(["Recorded! ^_^ I will now call you", "Registah'd, you are now", "Yo, dis mah big homie, I call dem", "Ye-a-a-ah, I guess I can call you that...", "If I have to.. I suppose I'll call you..", "I decided I will call you"]), whole_body), True)
        alias_flag = 0
        finished_proc = 1
        file = open("storage/flatfile/various/aliases.csv", "r")
        for line in file.readlines():
            alias_data = line.strip()
            alias_username, alias_nickname = alias_data.split(",", 1)

And the place of the error is at if self.getAccess(user.name.lower()) >= lvl_config.rank_req_callme and cmd_part_1 == "call" and cmd_part_2 == "me":

What am I doing wrong?

Also sorry for my English, I'm Dutch.

Edit: Fixed code indentation.

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The indentation for the try and except blocks seem off, and it's unclear whether the rest of the indentation is correct from this snippet. –  Radio- Mar 9 '13 at 1:29
I don't think you have to apologize for being Dutch when using Guido van Rossum's language. –  abarnert Mar 9 '13 at 2:01

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You have if and elif statements in the first try block that set cmd_part_1. What happens if none of the conditions in these if statements is True? In that case, cmd_part_1 will never be assigned a value. This is what is going on in your code. Fix this and it will work. Maybe add an else clause there and assign a default value to both cmd_part_1 and cmd_part_2. Or make one of them have an =. For example:

if len(my_alias) >= 2:

instead of:

if len(my_alias) > 2:

After that, as eryksun suggested in the comment below, you can replace the elif with an else.

Edit: Modified based on eryksun's suggestion in comment below.

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Probably it should be if len(my_alias) >= 2 since the assignments need subscripts 0 and 1. Then if that test is False, default to an else suite, not an elif test. –  eryksun Mar 9 '13 at 7:47
@eryksun you are right. I updated my answer based on your suggestion. –  crayzeewulf Mar 9 '13 at 16:13

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