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I've 20+ operations now and will soon double that. Without some kind of grouping the metadata page isn't very useful. I want to add some simple grouping by routing addresses. As it's a RESTful API it would be good group it by folder structure. If there was a Razor view for the default one, changing it to group or some other way would be easy.

The XSD doesn't have routing addresses in it either.

I looked at this but it seems to be just about links on the page: Is it possible to customize the ServiceStack /metadata page?

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There isn't a ServiceStack metadata razor page that you can change, but there is a Swagger API for ServiceStack and the built-in Metadata feature is just a Plugin so you can easily remove it at which point you're free to add your own customized metadata pages.

It it helps, you can start from a copy of the Metadata pages.

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For now I'm leaving it as is. Swagger looks interesting for later but that level of documentation is a low priority. I was looking for some low hanging fruit regarding documentation. –  Aaron Mar 13 '13 at 6:55
Turns out the Swagger plugin is very simple to get up and running and automatically groups by path out of the box. –  Aaron Mar 27 '13 at 4:35
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