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For projects that have a Makefile in the parent directory of sourcefiles, in vim I have my makeprg variable set as such:

:set makeprg=[[\ -f\ Makefile\ ]]\ &&\ make\ \\|\\|\ make\ -C\ ..

as suggested in this thread

This substiution works great for the Makefile in the parent directory, but breaks when the Makefile is in the current directory.

vim makes and infinite loop of :make commands. I've played around with the command to run if it doesn't find the Makefile, and I've determined that after running make, vim runs the fail case of the ternary anyway (as an editor command).

Thus the new call to :make expands to have another :make infinitely.

How can I prevent vim from trying to execute this?

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The fail case of the ternary is run because, apparently, the invocation of make in the current directory returns with an error. You can prevent this flaw by setting makeprg as follows:

:let &makeprg = 'if [ -f Makefile ]; then make; else make -C ..; fi'

Using the let construct avoids the necessity of the escape signs. This was suggested in that same thread you refer to, here.

Or you can fix the make problem in your current directory so that it does not return with an error code...

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