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I’m currently working on an addition to an already existing library (a maze generator). What I’m trying to do is define a new way of storing the maze (partially in memory and partially on the hard disk).

-Skip to the Problem paragraph if you just want to see the question. I added some extra information since you might suggest a completely other approach.

Current situation:

The current way the maze generator stores mazes (in memory) is with a Map. The Map contains a bunch of InnerMapArrays which each contain a line of pixels in the maze. Points can be read/written in the maze like this:

… //Code that creates maze map
map[x][y] = true;

In the Map class there’s a method to return the correct array (x)

public override InnerMapArray this[int x]
        return innerData[x];

Then it will call [y] on the innerData which also contains a similar method to ultimately return the right pixel.


Going back to what I want to do is create a new Map type that saves parts of the maze in memory and parts of the maze on the disk. I want to load areas of the maze in sets of 100x100 pixels for example, not by line. (In the image below the red part should be loaded when pixel x=50,y=50 is changed for example)

Red square is the part that should currently be loaded in the memory

The current implementation of the Map/InnerMapArray structure does not allow for this. What I want is a way to actually get the X and Y that are passed in one method. What I thought that could possibly work is the following (not working code):

public override InnerMapArray this[int x][int y]
        //load a certain 100x100 part of the maze in memory and set it as current
        //so while generating the maze pixels near the currently generated/read pixel
        //can be read really fast while others far away won't use any memory

Sadly the C# compiler doesn’t allow this. Does anyone have a clue that could help me solve this issue in a ‘nice’ way.

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The way to achieve what you want is:

public overrride InnerMapArray this[int x, int y] { ... }

This code works only if you have a "double" indexer like this to be overriden in de base class of course. Hope this helps :)

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This could be the solution, it would still mean that I have to edit the base classes of the already existing code. Something I was originally planning not to do. If this is the only way though, I guess that's what I have to do :) –  Devedse Mar 9 '13 at 9:51
I chose to use your solution and actually got an increase in performance compared to my current solution. Thanks for the help :). –  Devedse Mar 9 '13 at 16:36
You are welcome anytime :P. –  ecampver Mar 10 '13 at 5:10

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