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I have an app with two localizations. Usually I use 'NSLocalizedString' and keep the same source code for both localizations, but one of my ViewControllers has to look and function different for each locale. So I pressed 'Localize..' and created two localized versions of it. Normal stuff.

Since then - on runtime I get:

Unknown class MyViewController in Interface Builder file.

and the viewcontroller is not displayed (it's a UITableViewController if it matters). I checked in my storyboard and the custom class is still listed & linked to the view controller display. I didn't change the class name in each locale - it's still the same.

what gives here?


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I'm stuck. anyone??? :-( – mindbomb Mar 10 '13 at 11:56

i experimented this kind of problem in my project and my problem was my viewcontrollers .m file was not included in the compile sources in Build Phases->Compile Sources i manually add it to the Compile Sources and problem solved for me. i hope it will help you.

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super duper, you save my day! – tesmojones Aug 16 '13 at 9:07

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